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Ludum Dare 32 – An Unconventional Weapon!

The year is 900 AD. The Evil Wizards Alliance, after mastering the art of magic, have attacked the realm and taken it under control. You are one of the last surviving rebels alive. The wizards are hunting you. Defeat seems certain, until you come across a futuristic military drone named PALBOT.

Take control of this advanced weapon and fight against the evil wizards to stop them from taking over the land!

WASD – Movement
SPACE – PALBOT Attack Mode / PALBOT Follow Mode toggle
LMB – Fire
RMB – Special Attack (when in Attack Mode) / Heal (when in Follow Mode)
E – Interact (heal PALBOT)

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Developer Notes

We really wanted to attempt a ‘top-down’ game this Ludum Dare, so decided to create a typical top-down shooter – with a twist. You must control both the human character and PALBOT. PALBOT is able to shoot, whereas the human character can only pick up items and interact with objects. Using this mechanic will hopefully keep players thinking about character placement and whether or not paths are covered by PALBOT’s weaponry before proceeding.

We did plan to add a lot more into this game (bosses, traps, more enemies, more weapons, more levels, cutscenes, leaderboards – to name a couple of ideas) but of course time constraints and a few issues along the way prevented this. Overall, we’re pretty happy with the systems implemented and hope you enjoy playing the first few levels we did manage to create.

Oh, by the way – PALBOT stands for Powerful Annihilating Levitating Robot, in case you were wondering! :)